Light of my life, fire in my loins
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Jessica Lange, 1979


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The Only Possible Endgame for ‘Hannibal’


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I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was an actual thing that happened, that blue fucking piece of shit frog took the world by storm and it even had a tiny dick and all it did was sing annoying songs while racing around sci-fi towns in a distant future on an invisible motorbike. I can’t believe this. How did that happen. Who LET that happen.

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I just cannot comprehend the amount of self-deception it takes to think that ‘female privilege’ genuinely exists. Is their reality really so warped that they look around and genuinely think that? It’s just incredible to me that MRAs and anti-feminists can have that little awareness of the world around them. If they were lying about it, that would be one thing, but they genuinely believe this shit.

Female privilege, you mean like not having to register for selective services? 

Or getting off light or prison sentences? Unequal prison sentences.  women receive lighter sentences and a higher chance of acquittal, simply for being women.

Or having academic favor? Boys get worse grades despite better test results. women receive more athletic scholarshipsBoys do worse in every facet of education including college enrollment. Female only programs. Boys more likely to flunk and drop out of school. Elementary schools are biases against boys.

Having domestic abuse laws that don’t discriminate against you? Male victims of domestic abuse have a 47% chance to be threatened by police, 35% of being completely ignored, and a 21% chance of being arrested themselves. Of the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that they “only helped women.” In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs. Another 25% were given a phone number to call that turned out to be a batterers’ program. A little over a quarter of them were given a reference to a local program that helped. Sixteen percent said the people at the hot line “dismissed or made fun of them.” In fiscal year 2015 the United States Government will grant Two Hundred and Twenty Two Million in Grants to Combat Violence against WomenNo money is earmarked to benefit males. None. Men are 3 times as likely to be arrested than the woman, when the man is the one reporting being abused. 

Actually having parental and reproductive rights? Inequalities in child support and custody.Man can be denied their children because the mother remarried. Women can put a child up for adoption without the fathers consent.  Male rape victims force to pay their rapists child support.  (x,xMothers get custody 84% of the time.  Arrested for paying too much child supportMothers can steal sperm and sue for child support.  Paternity fraud is rampant. In as many as 30% of cases, fathers are being forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs. (x)

Being less likely to be killed or commit suicide? Men are the victims of violence more often. Males commit suicide at over 3 times the rate of womenMen are 77% of homicide victims.  Men are over 90% of all work place deaths. Men are significantly more likely to be the victims of violent crime (of which rape is included) than women.

Mutilating your genitals being illegal? Circumcisions kills. Circumcision decreases sexual pleasureCircumcision policy is influenced by psychosocial factors rather than alleged health benefitsCircumcision linked to pain, trauma, and psychosexual sequelaeCircumcision may lead to abnormal brain development and subsequent deviations in behaviorCircumcision decreases penile sensitivityCircumcision associated with sexual difficultiesThe exaggeration of the benefits of circumcision in regards to HIV/AIDS transmissionCircumcision/HIV claims are based on insufficient evidenceThere is no case for the widespread implementation of circumcision as a preventative measure to stop transmission of AIDS/HIV

Living in a society that doesn’t laugh at your abuse, claim you can’t be abused, refuses to help you, claims you can’t be raped, blames you for your own rape and abuse.  Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands. Feminists blame males for their abuse. Feminists dismiss female child rapists.Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse. Feminist Mary Koss denies male rape victims. Feminists say Men can’t be raped. Man raped and forced to pay child support. Feminists defend female raping minor. Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape. Defining male rape victims out of existenceFeminists primary aggressor clause discriminates against males.Women commit domestic violence as often as men But only men get arrested for it. Feminists cover up female domestic abuse stats. Woman smashing bottle in mans face in public. Nobody gives a fuck. Jezebel mocks men who are abused. Female on male abuse in public is at best ignored, and at worst celebrated. Public stops a man from abusing a woman in public, same crowd laughs when the roles are reversed. No funding for male shelter. Hot lines refuse to help men. Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide.  Female abusers ignored

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Ebola got me like


Ebola got me like

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Preview of Jessica Lange (Elsa) singing Gods and Monsters by Lana for Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow.


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Jessica Lange, will be performing Lana Del Rey’s ‘Gods & Monsters’ this Wednesday on American Horror Story!
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